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From Canada to Nepal

California Mastitis Testing Kits

Meet Martina Devet and her idea



Hello, I'm Martina Devet and I am a student at the Univeristy of Guelph. For this years Introduction to Agri-food system's course, we were put to the test to see what is a good product to send to Nepal from Canada that could potenially benefit both countries. For my project, I was given the idea of sending milk quality testing equipment or tools over to Nepal. With this idea I came up with sending California Mastitis Testing Kits to Nepal

Learn some information about Nepal and some of their struggles with milking their cows, buffalo, sheep and goats.

Treking in Nepal. [Photograph]. (2014). Retrieved from

Carrying Cow and Buffalo Milk. [Photograph]. (2006). Retrieved from

Learn more about the what the California Masitits Testing kits are and how they work

Learn about the Ormond Veterinary Supply Inc. and the Nepal Veterinary Association.

Cow Giving. [Photograph]. (2015). Retrieved from

Transportation for this product would be one of the trickest part, read more about it here.

Nepal farmer women in field. [Photograph]. (2012). Retrieved from

This exporting product would benefit both the Nepalese and Canadians, read more about it here

Teaching to Nepali worker. [Photograph]. (2011). Retrieved from

Gajurel, R. [Filmer]. (2013). Cultivation of Rice. [Photograph]. Retrieved from

Promoting will make the difference between a great export and a bad export.
Every export has countries that act as "competition" of products

Volunteering. [Photograph]. (2015). Retrieved from

Everyone has an opinion, here is were Martina's opinion on the export product.

Nepal farmers like rust resistant wheat. [Photograph]. (2012). Retrieved from

Want to know more information, feel free to contact someone. 
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